My Story

I grew up at Elim Bible Institute, (Lima, NY) and Pinecrest Bible Training Center. (It is now the Whitestone Academy in Salisbury Center, NY.) My father, Charles Cary, was the maintenance man. I was 12 when we moved back to Iowa. I joined the “Gospel Lighthouse Telecast” choir. It was a local weekly TV program sponsored by the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Batavia.

I was 13 when I started reading through the Bible every year. I became the church janitor when I was 16 and started playing piano for services.

At 18, I moved to Fairfield and played the piano at the Fairfield Foursquare Church. I married David Fishel there when I was 20. At 21, I was the first secretary, worked my way up to Administrator. I served for 24 years, stepping down due to health.

We have three grown children: Luke, Laura, Derek. Luke and Bethany have a daughter, Olivia. Derek married Rachel in September 2018.

My family now attends the Fairfield satellite of F.C.O.C., (Faith Christian Outreach Church). The home church is in Mt. Pleasant, IA ( I play the keyboard, Derek plays the drums, and David is a worship leader.

I enjoy singing, reading, movies, trivia, puzzles, sewing, embroidery, painting ceramics, and quilting. And being a comedienne – especially when under stress!

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