My Story

I grew up on Elim Bible Institute, Lima, NY and Pinecrest Bible Training Center (now the Whitestone Academy), Salisbury Center, NY, where my father, Charlie Cary, was on staff. I was 12 when we moved back to Iowa and I joined the “Gospel Lighthouse Telecast” choir, a local weekly TV program sponsored by the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Batavia.

I have read the Bible through, every year since I was 13. I became the church janitor when I was 16 and started playing piano for services.

I moved to Fairfield when I was 18, and played the piano at the Fairfield Foursquare Church. I married David Fishel there when I was 20. At 21, I was the first secretary, worked my way up to Administrator, and served for 24 years, stepping down due to a health issue.

We have three grown children: Luke (married to Bethany), Laura, Derek, and one grandchild, Olivia.

My family now attends the Fairfield Satellite of FCOC (Faith Christian Outreach Church), of Mt. Pleasant, IA ( I play the keyboard, Derek plays the drums, and David is one of the worship leaders.

I enjoy singing, reading, romantic movies, Soduko, crosswords, puzzles, sewing, embroidery, painting ceramics, quilting, knitting, and being a comedienne…especially when under stress!

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