“Babysteps” Guide

The “Babysteps” Guide starts with the shortest chapters in the Bible and continues to the longest. You can start on any day of the year because it is not linked to a date. If you miss a day, or two, just read the next chapter where you left off.

Bible Book Abbreviations

Gen Genesis
Exod Exodus
Lev Leviticus
Num Numbers
Deut Deuteronomy
Josh Joshua
Judg Judges
Ruth Ruth
1Sam 1 Samuel
2Sam 2 Samuel
1Kgs 1 Kings
2Kgs 2 Kings
1Chr 1 Chronicles
2Chr 2 Chronicles
Ezra Ezra
Neh Nehemiah
Esth Esther
Job Job
Ps Psalms
Prov Proverbs
Eccl Ecclesiastes
Song Song of Solomon
Isa Isaiah
Jer Jeremiah
Lam Lamentations
Ezek Ezekiel
Dan Daniel
Hos Hosea
Joel Joel
Amos Amos
Obad Obadiah
Jonah Jonah
Mic Micah
Nah Nahum
Hab Habakkuk
Zeph Zephaniah
Hag Haggai
Zech Zechariah
Mal Malachi
Matt Matthew
Mark Mark
Luke Luke
John John
Acts Acts
Rom Romans
1Cor 1 Corinthians
2Cor 2 Corinthians
Gal Galatians
Eph Ephesians
Phil Philippians
Col Colossians
1Thess 1 Thessalonians
2Thess 2 Thessalonians
1Tim 1 Timothy
2Tim 2 Timothy
Titus Titus
Phlm Philemon
Heb Hebrews
Jas James
1Pet 1 Peter
2Pet 2 Peter
1John 1 John
2John 2 John
3John 3 John
Jude Jude
Rev Revelation

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