Don’t Bother

I opened my email and noticed one in the drafts folder. It was the correct email to WordPress with the video link. (Sigh.)

The “Happiness Engineer” replied, confirming she received music to “Joy to the World.” She mentioned my posts had both formats in them: Classic Editor and New Block Editor.

I remembered something in the video. Before typing each post, I copy the copyright information from yesterday’s post. That information could be in the “block format.” That may be why my posts revert into a block when I preview them. I decided to type a post and test my theory before answering the email.

* * * * * * *

Then I read the “Daily Digest for, on February 5, 2019” email. The subject was writing a good blog post.

“Focus on the story…

  • Set up: Explain why readers are here…
  • Conflict: …
  • Resolution: …”

“How to Write Good Blog Posts: A Quick-Start Guide,” by Karol K.

I could start each post with the date and assigned chapters from the “2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide.” I can’t seem to get through a day without some sort of conflict. My resolution is always found in the Bible. Easy peasy!

I started…

February 5, 2019: 1 Samuel 22; Psalms 63; 1 Samuel 24; Psalms 57, 142, 7.

Wait! What happened to 1 Samuel 23? I looked at my February list. I wrote down the first chapter for February 4 and the rest of the chapters for February 5! I read the wrong chapters. Then I wrote a post about them. Maybe, I should read yesterday’s chapters today and save today’s post for tomorrow.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t bother your head…” The Message

I read the chapters for the 4th but typed the post for today’s chapters. Everyone will know I made a mistake.

Psalms 37:1, “Do not be agitated…” Christian Standard Bible

Another thought popped into my head. I didn’t receive a confirmation email from Pinterest. Did my changed password email go to the hackers?

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t be angry…” International Standard Version

I opened Pinterest and changed the Password again. My “about” paragraph was empty. I retyped the blurb. There was an option to highlight 5 boards. I clicked the link and did it.

When I went back to the “settings” page, the blurb was gone again! I hit save and left. I’ll change the password again tomorrow.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t be annoyed…” Contemporary English Version

Freezing rain started while David was home for lunch. I wanted to contact each of our grown children and ask them to text me when they got home.

Psalms 37:1, “Do not be preoccupied…” God’s Word Translation

I ignored the winter storm and started typing my post. I typed the copyright information and hit “Preview.” It was perfect!

I emailed my “Happiness Engineer.” I told her everything that happened. I apologized for sending music and included the video link.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t worry…” New Living Translation

* * * * * * *

“The life of Moses can be summed up in two words: ‘He endured.’ …Stand firm.” The Word for You Today, 2-5-19

What was your conflict yesterday?

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Kept Moving, Here, There, Wherever

I think I broke a WordPress “Happiness Engineer” – maybe 2.

Each post I type morphs into one paragraph when I hit “preview.” We can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I opened my email to see the latest instructions.

Two emails from Pinterest caught my attention. Two different people hacked my account on the same day! I went to Pinterest and changed my password.

Psalms 7:1, “God! God! I am running to you for dear life; the chase is wild.” The Message

* * * * * * *

Psalms 142:6, “Oh, listen, please listen; I’ve never been this low. Rescue me from those who are hunting me down; I’m no match for them.” The Message

* * * * * * *

Psalms 57:1-3, “Be good to me, God – and now! I’ve run to you for dear life. I’m hiding out under your wings until the hurricane blows over. (2) I call out to High God, the God who holds me together. (3) He sends orders from heaven and saves me, He humiliates those who kick me around. God delivers generous love, He makes good on His Word.” The Message

My second “Happiness Engineer” instructed me to make a video as I typed my post. They sent a link to download a program that would do that. I told God I was out of my league technology-wise. Then I read about David running from Saul.

1 Samuel 23:13-14, “…They left Keilah and kept moving, going here, there, wherever – always on the move. … (14) David continued to live in desert hideouts and the backcountry wilderness of Ziph. Saul was out looking for him day after day, but God never turned David over to him.” The Message

How did David know where to go next? God led him each day, one step at a time. David inquired of the Lord whether he should save Keilah. God said, “Yes. Go.”

“…Before battles, kings would consult with soothsayers and diviners to ensure divine favor. Mosaic law prohibited such divination (see Luke 19:26), but even in Israel there were means of seeking a word from God. One of these evidently was the ephod that Abiathar the priest had brought to David’s camp (1 Samuel 23:9-12). In Exodus, the ephod refers to the linen apron worn by the high priest (Exodus 39:2-7). With Abiathar’s ephod David would ask a yes-no question, and by some means that is not clear the ephod would reveal God’s answer. …” Chronological Study Bible Notes.

* * * * * * *

“The Urim and Thummim were a means of revelation entrusted to the high priest. No description of them is given. This oracular means apparently consisted of a material object or objects since it was physically stored in the breastpiece of the high priest (Exodus 28:30; Leviticus 8:8). …Sometimes the mention of the ephod (on which the breastpiece housing the Urim and Thummim were fastened) includes a reference to the Urim and Thummim (1 Samuel 23:9-12; 30:7-8). Also the verb ‘inquire of’ followed by ‘the Lord’ or ‘God’ when no means of revelation is specified refers to a usage of the Urim and Thummim.”

* * * * * * *

My devotional, “The Word for You Today,” quoted Ann Lander’s writings on maturity.

“Maturity is the ability to control your anger and settle your differences without violence or resentment. Maturity is patience; it’s the willingness to pass on short-term pleasure for long-term gain. It’s the ability to ‘sweat it out’ in spite of heavy opposition or discouraging setbacks. It’s the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration without complaining or collapsing. Maturity is humility. It’s being big enough to say, ‘I was wrong,’ and when you are right, never needing to say, ‘I told you so.’ Maturity is the ability to make a decision and follow through with it instead of exploring endless possibilities and doing nothing about any of them. Maturity means dependability, keeping your word, and coming through in a crisis.” The Word for You Today, 2-4-19

Today I would need patience. I would “sweat it out” and have discouraging setbacks and frustrations. But God promised to lead me each step – just like he did David.

I downloaded the video program. I was not sure which option to use. I googled it.

Of course, I had to set up an account. I hit the first training video and – they wanted money to teach me how to use this free program. I shut the browser. I went back to the program and tried 3 different options.

After choosing what I hoped was the correct one, I started typing. I have never typed slower or more inaccurately in my life! I feel sorry for the “Happiness Engineer” who has to watch this video!

I hit “preview” and it morphed into one paragraph. I shut off the recording and hit save and upload. Going back to the email, I answered the questions and hit the attachment button. I attached the most recent download.

I hit send. The thumbnail showed my attachment was the new arrangement of “Joy to the Word!” (This is beyond embarrassing.)

I tried to undo the message. I deleted the attachment. I hit the attachment button again and then hit paste. A video link appeared. I hit send. Why do these things happen to me?

Psalms 7:9-10, “Close the book on Evil, God, but publish your mandate for us. You get us ready for life: you probe for our soft spots, you knock off our rough edges. (10) And I’m feeling so fit, so safe; made right, kept right.” The Message

Then I laughed and laughed! I can’t believe my “Happiness Engineer” will be getting the words and chords to a Christmas Carol. God does have a sense of humor. He sure is working overtime on my soft spots and rough edges!

Psalms 63:7-8, “Because you’ve always stood up for me, I’m free to run and play. (8) I hold on to you for dear life, and you hold me steady as a post.” The Message

Did you laugh with me today? If so, put an emoticon in the comment section.

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Never Hide Your Feelings from God

On the drive to church, David and I were daydreaming about improvements to the house. We could:

  • Add another garage stall.
  • Add dormers to the roof.
  • Add window boxes.
  • Add a brick overlay to the foundation.

“I have enough of the discontinued brick for the foundation at the front of the house,” David suggested. (He’s suggested this before.)

As I climbed out, I replied, “If we can’t do the entire foundation, I don’t want to do it at all. You can see the side of the house when you come up the street!”

I turned and saw the sound man 3 feet from me. I leaned into the van to get my music and said, “We can’t argue now. Cam can hear us!” Then I laughed. (We weren’t arguing but our discussion had increased in volume!)

I could not get angry. I had to choose to let it go. I just can’t play when I’m mad.

* * * * * * *

Saul was a good object lesson. We read that Saul got angry. I could see that everything got worse and worse as he held on to his anger.

  1. Saul became angry, 18:8.
  2. He took it as a personal insult, 18:8.
  3. He became quite beside himself, raving, 18:10.
  4. He tried to kill David – twice, 18:11.
  5. He feared David, 18:12.
  6. He sacrificed his children, promising Merab to David, 18:17.
  7. He reneged on his promise, 18:19.
  8. He used his second daughter, Michal as bait, 18:21.
  9. He ordered his servants to lie and manipulate David, 18:22.
  10. His fear increased and turned into hate, 18:29.
  11. He ordered his son and servants to murder David, 19:1.
  12. He tried again to kill David, 19:10.
  13. He sent men to kill David in his own bed, 19:11.
  14. He told his men to bring David in his bed to him and he would kill him, 19:15.
  15. He stripped and rambled gibberish before Samuel for 24 hours, 19:24.
  16. He exploded in anger, 20:30.
  17. He called his wife a slut, 20:30.
  18. He tried to kill his heir and best friend, 19:33.
1 Samuel 20:32-33, “Jonathan stood up to his father. ‘Why dead? What’s he done?’ (33) Saul threw his spear at him to kill him. That convinced Jonathan that his father was fixated on killing David.” The Message

* * * * * * *

2 Samuel 1:23, “Saul and Jonathan – beloved, beautiful! Together in life, together in death! Swifter than plummeting eagles, stronger than proud lions.” The Message

What can I do with my anger? Take it to God.

Psalms 34:5, “Look at Him, give Him your warmest smile. Never hide your feelings from Him.” The Message

To keep from dwelling on it, I need to do something else. I need to keep my peace.

Psalms 34:14, “Turn your back on sin; do something good. Embrace peace – don’t let it get away.” The Message

How do you diffuse your anger?

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His Own Royal Robe and Weapons

David drove to Des Moines for our niece’s birthday party. We had a great time and lunch at the “Cheesecake Factory.”

While we were in town, I picked up a few things at Office Max, Hobby Lobby, and Penney’s. After driving home, David limped back into the house at 4:45 p.m.

The Volunteer Banquet was at 6 pm in Mt. Pleasant. Derek and Rachel rode with us. I volunteered to drive.

Driver’s Ed started as I backed out of the garage. (David and Derek were my instructors and they didn’t even agree with each other!)

As I turned on to the bypass, one of them said, “I would have waited for that oncoming car.”

“Me, too,” the other quipped.

“Why aren’t you using the cruise?” (There were wet areas on the highway and we ran into fog earlier. I dutifully turned it on.)

I noticed a car coming up behind me pretty quickly. I was overtaking the pickup in front of me. I switched lanes. The pickup sped up! (Boy, did I get harassed.)

“It’s illegal to drive in the left lane.”

The pickup slowed back down on a hill and I easily passed him without increasing my speed. I switched back to the right lane and the car behind me whizzed by.

A car tailgated me as I exited to Mt. Pleasant. I lowered the cruise to the correct speed limit and ignored him.

At the light on the square, a van came up to his red light too fast. I swerved instinctively. He managed to stop before the intersection but blocked the crosswalk. Both instructors yelled at me.

I stopped at the door to let my passengers out. One of the ushers asked if David had lost his license. (No.)

* * * * * * *

The banquet had a Carnival theme. David headed for the corner and rang the bell with the sledgehammer.

I decided to try it. I swung the sledgehammer behind my back and hit the lever. It surprised me how far the marker went up. I tried again.

The third time, I widened my stance. I put all my frustration from my backseat drivers in that swing and tinked the bell.

“Congratulations! You are one of the few women who rang the bell!” (I’ve been lifting weights – 8-pound weights.)

A sledgehammer is not a tool I normally use. I use a claw hammer. But, if I keep working with heavier and heavier weights, the next time I will ring that bell.

1 Samuel 18:3-4, “Jonathan, out of his deep love for David, made a covenant with him. (4) He formalized it with solemn gifts: His own royal robe and weapons – armor, sword, bow, and belt.” The Message

* * * * * * *

“There was more to Saul’s offer of the royal armor and sword to David than meets the eye (1 Samuel 17:38-39). …when Saul offered David his armor, he would have been understood by Israelite culture as offering David his own position as king of Israel. The transfer of clothing signified a transfer of status. …(1 Kings 9:19)… But David could not wear the armor or the sword; he was not ready to rule, even though he already had the favor of God and the courage to defend Israel. By returning the military gear, David showed that he did not intend to replace Saul as king. …Eventually, however, David would be king. When Saul’s son Jonathan covenanted with David, the transfer of clothing and armor was repeated, but with a different result (1 Samuel 18:1-4).” Chronological Study Bible Notes.

* * * * * * *

“…with the acceptance of the sword of Jonathan, David became who Jonathan was. David was now the heir apparent to the throne. …Jonathan acknowledged that God’s decision had been made: David was to rule rather than himself and he was willing to step aside. …Saul began sending out David to battles he had previously fought himself. …(1 Samuel 18:5). …Saul began to refer to David as ‘my son’ (1 Samuel 24:16; 26:21).” Chronological Study Bible Notes

I was not ready to combine my blogs in 2017. I will get another opportunity.

Social media pulls me into too many directions:

  1. Maintaining Google+.
  2. Twitter can no longer post automatically to Facebook.
  3. The rules changed for the Frugal Fish Facebook page. I had to start over.
  4. Learning Instagram.
  5. My posts being marked offensive on Facebook.
  6. Being locked out of Facebook and no longer free to share there.

I’m in a waiting period. The last blogging course I took showed me what I did wrong in 2009. I can’t go back – but I can move forward.

What new tool or program are you learning to use?

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How Long Are You Going to Mope?

The first verse I read today stopped me in my tracks.

1 Samuel 16:1, “God addressed Samuel: ‘So, how long are you going to mope over Saul? …” The Message


How long am I going to mope over my blog? So what if I couldn’t combine them. So what if I can’t post to Facebook.

Then I got an email from Google+. My account is going away. So what if I can’t post to Google+.

“Some people stay in hopeless situations their whole lives without ever making a decision to seek God’s power to get through them. …When you renew your mind with God’s Word, He’ll show you His will and strengthen you to get through – once and for all – what you’ve been going through for years. Instead of complaining about your circumstances, determine to get through them. Author John Mason says: ‘Don’t accept your present temporary situation as your future permanent situation…determine to get on with life and fulfill your purpose. …’ ” The Word for You Today, 2-1-19


I will get through this. God has another plan.

On the plus side – I got a new follower! Woohoo! I ask God to send followers and He did!

Are you moping? Or determined to get through?

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Plain Listening

4:15 a.m. – I woke up and got dressed. I made 2 cups of coffee in my stainless steel, double walled travel mug. (It was a gift from a distributor at the lumberyard.)

I took it to the office and updated my journal. I finished my time log for yesterday and made a list of today’s tasks.

My prayer time has been “less than joyful.” It’s fallen into a bit of a routine. I decided to listen to one of the songs we are learning before praying.

Near the end of the video, someone sings harmony on the chorus. Someone who sounds just like “that man.”

“That man” who promised to combine my blogs. “That man” who left town after we spent $300.00. (Sorry, does not give refunds. But, you can hire them to set everything up for more money. I didn’t.)

God spoke clearly to my heart. “You have to forgive ‘that man’.”

Ouch. I didn’t want to forgive him. I wanted to condemn him. I was wrong. I forgave him.

1 Samuel 15:23, “Then Samuel said, ‘Do you think all God wants are sacrifices – empty rituals for show? He wants you to listen to Him! Plain listening is the thing, not staging a lavish religious production.’ ” The Message


How do you quiet your mind to hear God?

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At My Post, Praying for You

The high Wednesday was -10° Fahrenheit with a windchill factor down to -53° Fahrenheit. Of course, all three of my children had to work.

Our boys have their wives looking out for them. Our daughter is an independent woman.

The owner of the company where she works was on vacation. No one wanted to bother him to see if they could close. Her boss had the day off to take her son on a college visit. (The University of Iowa, Iowa State, and the University of Northern Iowa closed today.)

There’s no mail delivery and FedEx would not be picking up boxes. I told her it was worthless to go in.

But she’s the supervisor of her department and 3 other employees were coming in. Those who could work at home did and the rest took a personal day.

She would caravan with 3 friends and wear coveralls. She assured me that she was taking every precaution. She promised to text when she left for work and when she arrived.

I received the first text at 6:05 a.m. It took her 30 minutes to drive 13 miles.

“I’m here.”

“Thank you, Jesus!”

“Jennifer says you had better put extra in the collection plate this Sunday.”

* * * * * * *

Derek works for a plumbing supply company. They stayed open for when a plumber needed a part for a broken furnace. He only had to drive across town. Rachel’s office closed. If he didn’t show up at work or make it home, I was sure she would call.

Luke won’t be home. Soldiers don’t get snow days. Firemen don’t get snow days. Farmers don’t get snow days. Luke is all three! I have to choose not to worry about him every day!

David talked to him on Tuesday night. Yes, he would be working and on call for a fire. Yes, he would be doing chores.

“Don’t worry,” he assured us, “I have the proper clothes. I’ll be fine.”

Luke and Bethany live in a small town. It is a close-knit community. When someone is missing, everyone looks for them.

All I could do was pray.

1 Samuel 12:23-24, “…I’m staying right here at my post praying for you and teaching you the good and right way to live. (24) But I beg of you, fear God and worship Him honestly and heartily. You’ve seen how greatly He has worked among you!” The Message


* * * * * * *

I got a taste of retirement today. The trucks at the lumberyard run on propane. You damage the engines if you run them when it is this cold. David’s boss closed for the day.

We decided to take advantage of the day off to update our budget. (There’s nothing warmer than being “hot under the collar.”)

“Let’s agree to use all our energy in getting along with each other. Help others with encouraging words; don’t drag them down by finding fault.” Romans 14:19-20, The Message (Today’s verse in “Hugs – Daily Inspirations for Women)


We finished the budget and I went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate mix. David, who was paying bills, kept calling my name. On the sixth trip, walking the length of the house, to answer another question, I thought…

“This is worse than a snow day with the kids!”

Then I started muttering, “I will not get angry. I will not get angry. I will not get angry.”

Laura forgot to text me when she got home from work. But she texted David. Relief – she’s safe and warm. And no text from Bethany or Rachel. The boys are safe and warm, too.

What did you do on this cold winter day?

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Whatever Job You’re Given

Weather forecast: High of 5° and low of -19°.  

I wore 2 long-sleeved tee shirts, a sweater, a vest, and a scarf. When my hair dried, I removed the waterproof vest.  

God turned on the sun! I took the scarf off. By the time it reached my desk, I had peeled off the sweater.  

My goal was to move the TV and hutch 3-1/2 inches to the right. Why? Because last year I switched side tables and moved the couch 3-1/2 inches. It was no longer centered on the TV. We both wanted the seat on the left.

1 Samuel 10:7, “…Whatever job you’re given to do, do it. God is with you!” The Message

First, I took the pictures off the wall and filled in the nail holes. It was hot up on the step stool. The sun was pouring in the big window warming the room to 72°. I took off one long-sleeved tee-shirt.  

I moved the TV and hutch and started sweating. I took off the long-john pants and dug out a tank top. Then I moved the chair, drum throne, and column holding the lamp.  

Cutting open a paper bag, I lay the print I wanted to hang on it. I cut out the outline. Then put the paper on the back of the print to mark the hooks.  

Measuring from the ceiling to the top of the TV was 29 inches. I put a piece of painter’s tape over the chair 29 inches from the ceiling. I held the paper on that mark and leveled it. Then I pushed down on the tape in the corners to adhere it. I hammered nails through the marks and removed the paper and tape.  

After hanging the print, I leveled both mirrors. I put Velcro dots on the back of them to keep them from moving.  

I moved a ceramic column next to the hutch. On it, I placed the “Conica Spruce” my brother sent me for Christmas. Then I moved my largest plant and table east 2 inches. That centered it on the wall in the corner.  

I plugged everything back in and…the TV wouldn’t turn on! I heard the garage door opening. David had to take an early lunch. I thought he would be mad. But we worked together checking connections and got the TV back on.


I sat down and admired my work. I felt chilly. I put one long-sleeved tee-shirt on and made a salad. I pulled the second one on before I ate. By the time I typed my post I had shrugged back into the sweater.  

“Life is best lived on purpose, not by accident – the sooner we discover what God intends for us to do with our lives, the better. …” Hugs – Daily Inspirations for Women

What projects are you working on during this cold snap?  

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Who Can Stand?

A polar vortex is coming. Cliff, a farmer south of town, reported on Facebook, “The temperature dropped from 37° to 14° with a windchill factor of -2° in two minutes!”  

They predict a windchill factor of -53° on Wednesday! Facebook was full of posts telling us how to prepare for this arctic cold. I spent the day preparing.

  1. I shut all the sheers, blinds, and drapes on the north and west sides of the house. (Yes, I dress my windows in layers., see here.) I won’t open them until this bitter cold passes.
  2. I opened the cupboard doors under the sinks. I want them heated up now. (I insulated behind my north kitchen cupboards, see here.) 
  3. I set the thermostat at 70° and pushed “hold” on my programmable thermostat.
  4. I made sure all the vents were open. I placed step stools against the drapes next to the registers to keep them back.
  5. I took the allergy filter out of the furnace and replaced it with a regular one. The furnace has to work harder to move air through the allergy filter.
  6. I stapled white towels over the curtains in the basement windows.
  7. I filled 2 buckets with water. If a pipe burst, either here or a city pipe, I can use this water to flush the toilet.
  8. I removed the dryer vent and stuffed it with a towel. I braced it against the back of the dryer with a small table to stop any cold air coming in.
  9. I put a pair of pantyhose over the dryer exhaust and used duct tape to secure it. I checked it after each load.
  10. I washed clothes right before David came home from work. The dryer warmed up his bathroom in the laundry room.
  11. Half of my clothes are in the guest bedroom. I got out long underwear, sweaters, and scarves. I made outfits for the rest of the week. I’m writing this post at 5:00 a.m. I’m wearing long john pants, jeans, a long-sleeved crew neck tee-shirt, a long-sleeved v-neck tee-shirt, a sweater, a scarf, and a vest! I will remove layers as needed. I dress based on the temperature each day. (You can read the guidelines here.)
  12. When the sun went down, I shut the register in the guest room. I moved our wedding picture to the office because frost could form. (Frost makes pictures stick to the glass.) I moved the guitar to the kitchen. You have to protect your instruments. I shut the door and won’t open it until Friday or Saturday.
  13. I got out the 2nd pair of lace-up shoes, my slippers, and my robe. I hung the robe on the back of the door. My shoes and slippers are under the piano and my outfits are on the bench. I won’t open my closet door until this weekend, too.
  14. I started filling empty pitchers with filtered water. They are for drinking and cooking if we lose water.
  15. David is using the door to our attached garage to enter and exit the house. We will not open the front door. 

My plan today is to finish filling the pitchers. Then I will move all liquids out of the north cupboards. I don’t want to wake up to frozen food. I will get out my “butter bell.” It keeps the butter soft even in a cold room.  

It will be colder than a body can stand. I pray for the workers who will have to go out. I pray for the farmers with livestock. I pray for the elderly who have trouble maintaining body heat. I pray no lives are lost.  

1 Samuel 6:19-20, “God struck some of the men of Beth Shemesh who, out of curiosity, irreverently peeked into the Chest of God. Seventy died. The whole town was in mourning, reeling under the hard blow from God, and questioning, ‘Who can stand before God, this holy God?’…” The Message 


I’m taking this forecast seriously. I’m making potato soup, chili, and spaghetti sauce over the next three days to keep moisture in the air upstairs.  

What have I missed? Do you have any suggestions?  

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She Pulled Herself Together

I am struggling. I had such hopes for this blog. I wanted people to start reading the Bible who never have before:

  • Those who didn’t have time.
  • Those who get bored in the Old Testament.
  • Those who don’t understand how the books of prophecy related to the events.
  • Those who don’t think the Bible is relevant today.
  • Those with questions whose answers are in the Bible.
  • Those who just started this “Faith Walk” with Jesus.

Each day I share something I learned. Or how a verse directed me. Or how the verse related to an event in my day.

Some days, God corrects me. Some verses are too personal to share publicly. I won’t share them just like I don’t write about my love life. It’s intimate and just for me. I hope you understand the missing days.

I keep thinking I’m doing something wrong. So, I take another “blogging course.” They usually depress me. I’m called to write without ads and affiliate marketing. That is how bloggers make their money.

Saturday, I started yet another course. After the first lesson, I was ready to quit altogether! I went to the WordPress Reader and typed in “Faith-Based Writers.” I found “Living Our Days,” at

“I’m tempted to be still, to shut down, and to believe the lie that my words don’t matter – that, I am, somehow, unqualified.” “Driven by Fear to the God Who Casts Out Fear,” Michele Morin


I’m not the only one who struggles! Clarity came when I read the introduction to 1 Samuel on Sunday.

“…our ego-bound experience is too small a context in which to understand and experience what it means to believe in God and follow His ways.” The Message Introduction to 1 Samuel


I started reading about Hannah. Her husband had two wives. Her rival wife had children. Hannah was barren. Her rival wife was a bully who taunted her. I love how Hannah reacted.

1 Samuel 1:9-10, “So Hannah ate. Then she pulled herself together, slipped away quietly, and entered the sanctuary. …(10) Crushed in soul, Hannah prayed to God and cried and cried – inconsolably.” The Message


I ate breakfast, pulled myself together, and went to church. While there I visited with a sister in a more depressing situation than mine.

The pain was crushing her, and like Hannah, she cried and cried. That put things with my blog in perspective. Even more amazing? She is the sister I looked for to pray for me! She did! She prayed against discouragement and depression. Even in her brokenness, she gave to ease my hurt. I prayed for her situation, too.

Neither one of us can see the big picture of what God is doing for us. We both know He has a plan and is working in the background. But waiting is sometimes downright painful. We want God to fix it now!

“I’ve been stepping into my prayer closet and asking God to save the day, Superman-style, to provide the quick fix, the happy here-and-now. But God looks at the long-term, what’s best for eternity. An easy life produces flabby souls. Temporary trouble can be a stepping stone to godly character.” “Praying Like a Super Hero,” Shirlee Abbott, at Proverbs 31 Ministries


So, I keep going. This is post number 3755. There are 661 posts over at I meant to celebrate when I wrote my 4,000th post. That was sometime in 2017. (Oops.) I’ll celebrate my 4,000th post here.

How should I celebrate?

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