A Sad Heart Produces a Broken Spirit

David and I married young – really young! We waited almost 5 years to have children. The picture below was taken right before our second anniversary.

David and I serving as counselors at the Spencer Lake Youth Camp.

When people ask us the secret to a long marriage, we both answer…

“Marriage Counseling!”

It felt like we were in counseling for the first 20 years! You would think we have it all figured out. We don’t.

In sickness and in health

The last 17 months have been a battle with debilitating allergies. The dermatologist found the trigger and I finally healed.

But I had an appointment scheduled at the allergy clinic in Iowa City for months. My instructions were to stop medications 5 days before the appointment.

I was not a happy camper. I was miserable.

I took the medicine as soon as the doctor let me but my eyes did not stop watering.

Doctor: “Your eyes look angry.”

Me: “I am mad at them, too!”

Twenty-four hours later, my eyes were still watering constantly. I couldn’t see!

David came home from work and found me sitting on the couch listening to a movie. He said something less than helpful and I responded in kind.

I shut down.

Proverbs 15:13, “A joyful heart makes a face cheerful, but a sad heart produces a broken spirit.”

Christian Standard Bible

We have been married too long for me to be wondering if I made a mistake. But I started to wonder.

I could relate to everything Toni Nieuwhof said in a guest post on annvoskamp.com.

“I didn’t know how to engage our differences anymore. I wondered whether I should reach out and let the people close to us know how deeply we were struggling. …

Are you sowing seeds of kindness, patience, and love? Or are you sowing indifference, criticism, or suspicion?…”

“Before You Split” by Toni Nieuwhof

I didn’t want a broken spirit. Only God can help me sow the correct seeds.

“Enlighten me with a clear shining inward light, and remove away all darkness from the habitation of my heart. (3 – 23 – 4)”

“Principles of a Centered Life,” Compiled and with notes by Michael Phillips

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Don’t Bother

I opened my email and noticed one in the drafts folder. It was the correct email to WordPress with the video link. (Sigh.)

The “Happiness Engineer” replied, confirming she received music to “Joy to the World.” She mentioned my posts had both formats in them: Classic Editor and New Block Editor.

I remembered something in the video. Before typing each post, I copy the copyright information from yesterday’s post. That information could be in the “block format.” That may be why my posts revert into a block when I preview them. I decided to type a post and test my theory before answering the email.

* * * * * * *

Then I read the “Daily Digest for WordPress.com, on February 5, 2019” email. The subject was writing a good blog post.

“Focus on the story…

  • Set up: Explain why readers are here…
  • Conflict: …
  • Resolution: …”

“How to Write Good Blog Posts: A Quick-Start Guide,” by Karol K.

I could start each post with the date and assigned chapters from the “2019 Relevant Bible Reading Guide.” I can’t seem to get through a day without some sort of conflict. My resolution is always found in the Bible. Easy peasy!

I started…

February 5, 2019: 1 Samuel 22; Psalms 63; 1 Samuel 24; Psalms 57, 142, 7.

Wait! What happened to 1 Samuel 23? I looked at my February list. I wrote down the first chapter for February 4 and the rest of the chapters for February 5! I read the wrong chapters. Then I wrote a post about them. Maybe, I should read yesterday’s chapters today and save today’s post for tomorrow.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t bother your head…” The Message

I read the chapters for the 4th but typed the post for today’s chapters. Everyone will know I made a mistake.

Psalms 37:1, “Do not be agitated…” Christian Standard Bible

Another thought popped into my head. I didn’t receive a confirmation email from Pinterest. Did my changed password email go to the hackers?

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t be angry…” International Standard Version

I opened Pinterest and changed the Password again. My “about” paragraph was empty. I retyped the blurb. There was an option to highlight 5 boards. I clicked the link and did it.

When I went back to the “settings” page, the blurb was gone again! I hit save and left. I’ll change the password again tomorrow.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t be annoyed…” Contemporary English Version

Freezing rain started while David was home for lunch. I wanted to contact each of our grown children and ask them to text me when they got home.

Psalms 37:1, “Do not be preoccupied…” God’s Word Translation

I ignored the winter storm and started typing my post. I typed the copyright information and hit “Preview.” It was perfect!

I emailed my “Happiness Engineer.” I told her everything that happened. I apologized for sending music and included the video link.

Psalms 37:1, “Don’t worry…” New Living Translation

* * * * * * *

“The life of Moses can be summed up in two words: ‘He endured.’ …Stand firm.” The Word for You Today, 2-5-19

What was your conflict yesterday?

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