Plans of the Diligent

“Breaking news coming out of Israel indicates that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government will impose a self-quarantine for a period of 14-days due to the coronavirus.”

“Israel will Begin Quarantining All Arrivals for 14 Days”

Our flight was in 14 days! The trip is postponed.

While notifying family, I told them, “God has a plan.” Though disappointed, I am choosing to trust God.

Proverbs 21:2, 5, “Everyone’s path is straight in their own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart. …

5) The plans of the diligent end up in profit, but those who hurry end up with loss.” Common English Bible


  • We prayed for 30 years.
  • We saved for 8 years.
  • We sacrificed a truck, satellite TV, and a dishwasher.

Proverbs 10:24, “What the wicked dread will come on them, but what the righteous desire will be given to them.” Common English Bible

We are going to Israel!

“…Your faith must be in God, not your faith! …what God has promised, knowing that in His time it will come to pass because it’s His will….”

The Word for You Today, 3-10-2020

March 10, 2020: Proverbs 19-22.

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God Sows

Hosea 2:22, 23, “And the earth shall answer the grain, the wine, and the oil, and they shall answer Jezreel, and I will sow her for myself in the land. And I will have mercy on No Mercy (Lo-ruhama), and I will say to Not My People (Lo-ammi), ‘You are my people’; and he shall say, ‘You are my God.'” ESV

“Israel’s eventual restoration is described as a new, permanent betrothal to God (vv. 19-20). Jeremiah likened it to Israel’s relationship to God in the wilderness (Jeremiah 2:1-19). God had removed the material aspects of their prosperity, but when he regathers Israel, he will grant a great new prosperity. While the name of Hosea’s first son, Jezreel (‘God scatters’) had previously connoted judgment (Hosea 1:5), the name will take on a new significance: ‘God sows,’ pointing to God’s millennial blessings (vv. 22, 23).” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible Notes

Fruit All Year Long

Mark 11:13, “And seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to see if he could find anything on it. When he came to it, he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs.” ESV

“Fig trees in that area yield fruit in both June and August and it is normal for the figs to hang on the trees through the winter. New fruit grows right over the old and out of the old shoots. Consequently, fruit can normally be found on the trees all year round. This particular fig tree illustrates the fruitlessness of Israel (Isaiah 65:3-7). The Lord was entering Jerusalem, where he would experience his final public rejection by Israel. Despite the fact that Jesus had adequately demonstrated that he was indeed God incarnate, they still refused to accept him as such.” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible.

Christians are like fig trees. We should have fruit all year.

What Fruit?

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, (see Galatians 5:22, 23).

Over 400 Years

1 Kings 6:1, “In the four hundred and eightieth year after the people of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign, in the month of Ziv, which is the second month, he began to build the house of the Lord.”

The people of Israel were slaves to the Egyptians for 430 years, see Exodus 12:40. It took them 480 years to cross the desert, conquer the land, and subdue all of their enemies.

And I thought God was moving slowly in my life! Nine weeks of unemployment is nothing!

What Was David’s Sin?

2 Samuel 24:1, “Again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he incited David against them, saying, ‘Go, number Israel and Judah.'”

“Opinions vary concerning the sin involved in this census. Josephus stated that David failed to collect the proper offering, which had been commanded in Exodus 30:12. Some scholars feel that the sin was a result of David’s attitude of pride and arrogance. Others suggest that his intentions were to maximize military strength and to tax the people further. In any event, when David repented, God gave him three options as the consequences of his sin: famine, military defeat, or pestilence. David fully trusted in God even as he chose, preferring to fall into the Lord’s merciful hands (v. 14). While one may experience God’s chastening, he must still rely on his grace, trust him fully, and be committed to him.” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

God Assigned Land to Each Nation

Deuteronomy 32:7-9, “Think about past generations. Ask your parents or any of your elders. They will tell you that God Most High gave land to every nation. He assigned a guardian angel to each of them, but the Lord himself takes care of Israel.”

Other nations fight for the land God gave to Israel. They think the secret to prosperity is in the land; but God is the one who brings success.

We each have a place to live and angels to protect us. The secret to prosperity is to serve God wholeheartedly in the place he has assigned us. My assignment will be different from my neighbors. I will not prosper doing the job assigned to him or doing my job on his land.

People of Southern Israel

“Many of Jeremiah’s messages include the date when they were originally spoken. But when his friend Baruch helped him put the messages into writing, they did not arrange the messages by these dates. Usually the messages are grouped together because they are about similar subjects.” CEV Bible Notes

Jeremiah 2:5, “Listen, people of Israel.”

“Israel: After the nation was divided, the northern kingdom was called, “Israel,” and the southern kingdom was called “Judah” (see 1 Kings 12:1-20). In 722 B.C. the Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom, and Judah was all that was left. And so in the book of Jeremiah the name “Israel” is most often used of the southern kingdom.” CEV Bible Notes



Now That Would Be Difficult

“The Lord told Hosea to marry a prostitute, as a way of showing how unfaithful Israel had been. Then the Lord told Hosea what to name his children, and these names were reminders that Israel was going to be punished. But Hosea was told to love his unfaithful wife, and his love was to be a picture of the Lord’s continuing love for unfaithful Israel.” CEV Bible Notes

Hosea 1:2, “The Lord said, ‘Hosea, Israel has betrayed me like an unfaithful wife. Marry such a woman and have children by her.'”

“In some Canaanite regions of Old Testament times, young women were expected to have sex with the worshipers of their god, before marriage. Such women were called ‘temple prostitutes.’ Many of the Israelite women did this same thing, and Hosea is told to marry one of them to show that the nation has turned from the Lord to worship idols.” CEV Bible Notes

  1. We are to love, even when others are unfaithful to us.
  2. A constant craving for sex keeps us from knowing God.

Hosea 5:4, “Your evil deeds are the reason you won’t return to me, your Lord God. And your constant craving for sex keeps you from knowing me.”

I’m grateful God has not asked me to do something so hard as he did asking Hosea to marry a prostitute. It was a good reminder to love even when others are unloving and to keep a balance in my life.

“People don’t lose intimacy when they stop talking, but when they stop listening.” The Maxwell Leadership Bible – John Maxwell