Two sessions at the “Weekend to Remember” were on parenting. Every once in a while, David and I would look at each other and say, “It’s too late for us.” Of course, Satan – the accuser, was right there reminding us of each time we failed.

I remember when our first baby was born. Mom was holding him, her first grandchild, and she said to me, “I made mistakes raising you kids and I’m sorry.” (I wasn’t sure what she was talking about!)

You never look at a newborn baby and think, “What a sinner you are!” No! You look at them in their innocence and purity and think, “I hope I don’t mess this up!” Today’s devotion was good news!

“God is my rear guard . . . I keep moving . . . at too fast a pace, and doing things incompletely. But God follows up and finishes what I’ve done in a halfway measure . . . If you’ve done your best, God will do the rest! . . . Trust . . . God to finish the job, pick up the broken pieces, and mend them into something wonderful and beautiful.”

Each generation does their best, following the instructions in the Bible.

Numbers 15:15, “Native born Israelites and foreigners are equal before the Lord and are subject to the same decrees. This is a permanent law for you, to be observed from generation to generation.” New Living Translation

Now my son is a father. Like Mom, I apologized for my mistakes. I made sure he knew that he would make mistakes, but God has it covered.

Dear Father God,

Thank You for being my rear guard. I see how you have worked in the lives of my children. You are a good, good father. Help me be patient as you pick up broken pieces and mend them into something wonderful.

In Jesus Name,


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Gloating Over Your Brother’s Misfortune

When my children were young, the school presented a discipline program called, “1, 2, 3, Time Out.”

When a child misbehaved, you said, “That’s one.” If they repeated it, or talked back, you said, “That’s two.” If they still disobeyed, it became the third strike and they had a time out.

I was surprised, when during an illustration, they showed a child acting up, and when the first child was sent to time out, the parent turned to the second child and said, “That’s one.”

What did the second child do? The second child smirked when the first child got a time out.

Obadiah 1:12, “But you should not have gloated over your brother’s day, the day when his misfortune came and he was a stranger; you should not have rejoiced over the sons of Judah in the day of their ruin; you should not have spoken arrogantly in the day of their distress.”

No matter how evil a person is…they are still God’s child.

No matter how much they may seem to deserve misfortune and ruin…God still extends mercy and love.

“Dear Lord, Please forgive me for every time I spoke arrogantly in the day of another’s distress. Amen.”


Obedience Protects Your Clan

Jeremiah 35:18, 19, “…I am the Lord All-Powerful, the God of Israel. You have obeyed your ancestor Jonadab, so I promise that your clan will never die out. “

The promise for obeying your parents is long life, (see Exodus 20:12). Honoring our grandparents rewards our children. Honoring our great-grandparents rewards our grandchildren.  That is why our parents taught us to respect our elders.


1 King’s 12:4, “Your father Solomon forced us to work very hard. But if you make our work easier, we will serve you and do whatever you ask.”

Solomon built the temple, a couple of palaces, and rebuilt several cities. All of these were complete.

Rehoboam did not have a great building project to work on. He could have easily reduced the amount of work the people had to do.

Solomon was the wisest king in history, his son…not so much.

We know wisdom comes with age and we all would have taken the advice of Solomon’s older advisers.

Rehoboam took the advice of his friends. He was on a power trip.

Why didn’t he get any smarts from Solomon?

John Maxwell in “The Maxwell Leadership Bible” tells us. He was speaking of another father, Eli, the high priest.

“How could a priest like Eli miss the mark? By making crucial errors.

  1. Emphasis: Eli emphasized teaching his colleagues and clients, not his family.
  2. Expectations: Eli thought his sons would ‘get it’ just because they lived in the house of the Lord.
  3. Example: Eli failed to live out in his home what he taught in his work.
  4. Entanglements: Eli got so caught up with his profession, he blinded himself to his failure.”

How easy it is to be so busy “saving the world” that we lose our children. There is nothing more heartbreaking.

But, in spite of our failures, God is still in control. We just have to stand on His Word.

“The Stand” – Hillsong




My friend miscarried.

She was carrying more than one child. The doctor was unsure just how many. This is not the first time her children have died before they were born.

Job lost all of his children at once and in today’s verse he remembered back to that time.

Job 29:5, “And all of my children were nearby.”

When I read this verse I had a vision, a picture in my mind, of my friend and her husband entering heaven. They were immediately surrounded by a large group of small children…their family.

They were cheated out of being with their children here on earth, but they will all be together…eternally…forever…in heaven.

And they will recognize each child and be able to tell you the oldest to the youngest. In heaven, all of their children will be nearby.

“Strong Tower” – Kutless



The truck was in the shop and Derek had to ride to church with us. Since he normally eats at McDonald’s with several of the youth afterwards, we stopped and ate there, too.

A youth stated to his brother, “Let’s go, it’s almost curfew.” His brother said he wasn’t ready.

The youth replied, “I don’t want to be punished for your actions.” His brother threatened to “lay hands on him suddenly.”

I stared at that brother with my “boy are you in trouble look” until he looked at me. It got quiet and I could hear others whispering…”Derek’s Mom.”

Derek said, “My mom is giving you “that look;” you’d better pay attention.”

He sheepishly looked down and said, “I’m ready to go now.”

Later, Derek said, “I knew you would do something because you hate violence and I remember you breaking up fights when you picked me up at school.”

I replied, “His mother never would have put up with that.”

Derek agreed, “Oh, no, she would have had her “Mom finger” up in the air shaking it at him.

Sometimes all you have to do is get their attention and their conscience nudges them to do the right thing.

Proverbs 29:15, “Correct your children, and they will be wise, children out of control disgrace their mothers.”

The children of mean moms never go to jail!!!

“Your Grace is Enough” – Matt Maher


When we arrived at the Valentine’s Banquet we were met just inside by one of the ladies who works in the church office. She wanted to tell us what a blessing our son was to her.

He volunteered to help set up for the Valentine Banquet. After every task he completed, he would return to her and say, “Is there anything else I can do?”

I was speechless for two reasons: 1) I could not take credit for his behavior, 2) because we don’t get the same service at home!

All he told us was he “skewered some fruit.” He also “skewered some mini doughnuts” for the chocolate fountain, wiped down the kitchen counters, as well as helping set up the tables and chairs.

The greatest honor for a parent is when someone catches their children being a blessing.

1 Chronicles 17:18, “What else can I say, except that you have honored me.”

It was probably the only time I have been speechless.

“The Stand” – Hillsong

January 29, 2014

Today’s verse is one of the hardest verses for a parent to read.

1 Samuel 8:5, “…You set a good example for your sons, but they haven’t followed it…”

When they are grown our children may make decisions with which we do not agree. We are tempted to ask ourselves what we did wrong.

Possibly, nothing. Yes, we all make mistakes in parenting, but we have to remember our children have the power to choose. We can comfort ourselves with the words from Proverbs.

Proverbs 22:6, “Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown they will still do right.”

“Your Grace is Enough” by Matt Maher

This post brought to you by Paula Adam and Dr. Cochran, her prayers and his medications broke a 4 day migraine. I am so grateful!

July 23, 2013

The hardest part of parenting is when your child can make their own choices. You know from experience, and the experiences of others, that they will regret their choice. You want to spare them from pain, but they have to choose for themselves.

Hezekiah was a godly king. His son, Manasseh, was not.

2 Kings 21:2, “He [Hezekiah’s son] did evil in the sight of the Lord, after the [idolatrous] practices of the [heathen] nations whom the Lord cast out before the Israelites.”

January 29, 2013

One of the hardest things for a parent to bear is when their children do not follow God as they were taught. We feel like we are a failure as a parent. But that is not the whole picture.

1 Samuel 8:3, “His sons did not walk in his ways, but turned aside after gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.”

Each individual has to choose for themselves: God’s way or my way. Samuel’s sons would have been the next leaders of Israel; but, when they chose to do their own thing, the leadership was taken away.

We know that choosing to go our own way will cost us more than we ever wanted to pay. Unfortunately, our children may not follow our counsel or learn from our mistakes. We need to stand on the promise in Proverbs 22:6.

“Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it.”