My husband took me shopping today and I tried to shop like a man. (Don’t browse, or look at clearance racks, get what is on your list and only what is on your list.)

He went above and beyond by checking for an item at a pawn shop, (no luck), and going to 3, count ’em, three “Good Will” type stores.

It was in one of those stores that I found a red, “London Fog” trench coat with a removable lining for $5.88.

I blogged a few days ago about looking for one. I even looked up the price online…$164.25 on clearance!

We went to eight more stores and as we drove by “The Dress Barn,” I thought, “The next time we are in town, I want to go there.”

When we drove by the “Steak and Shake,” I thought, “A shake sounds good.”

God wants us to not only enjoy our every day life, but have an abundant life.

1 Kings 7:18, “With two rows of designs that looked like pomegranates.”

“A pomegranate is a bright red fruit that looks like an apple. In ancient times, it was a symbol of life.” CEV Bible Notes

Why were there two rows?

To represent an abundant, unexpected, blessed life.

We were headed for home when David missed his exit. He was going to turn around when he noticed a “Famous Footwear.”

He stopped to look for shoes and it was located right next to “The Dress Barn!” I had time to try on several dresses.

He pulled out of the parking lot, and instead of turning left to go home, he turned right. He didn’t say a word until he was in the drive thru.

Then he said, “A shake sounded good to me.”

God is so good. When I wanted  a shake, he made David hungry for one. I think I’ll stop asking David for things. I’m going over his head straight to God!

“Friend of God” – Israel Houghton